No Excuses
Welcome to Scotts Valley Gym! We are a family owned and run business located in downtown Scotts Valley. We have something for everyone; men, women, and children. We offer several membership amenities including: free childcare, full service bathrooms, WiFi, flat screen TV's, a separate level for cardio, and a cross-training area. We have the best rates in town and we are open 365 days a year with extended hours. All memberships include a complimentary fitness consultation/evaluation to build a custom fit workout routine for you and your body. We look forward to future business with you.

Meet the Owners


Erik Florio

Erik has 20 years experience personal training, he has trained all ability levels from 14 to 92 years of age, from no experience to top collegiate athlete. Erik is currently NETA certified in personal training and has held ACE and IFPA certifications in the past, he continues to conduct personal training at Scotts Valley Gym, Bootcamps at Skypark and provides home training services. “I love doing personal training! I get as much satisfaction as my client when through hard work they achieve their goals. The trainer feeds as much off the energy of the client as the client feeds off the energy of the trainer. I always bring my A game.”

Michael Tyree

Michael is an NGA (National Gym Assn) certified Personal Trainer and nutrition coach. Michael has over 15 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry and currently has his own private practice as a Life Coach working with adults with EFD (executive functioning deficits). Michael works with clients who all have different needs, strengths, abilities, ages and goals. Michael built and ran the Health & Fitness department at Camp Recovery Center Health Group here in Scotts Valley. He has also built fitness programs for adolescents, group exercise for seniors, boot camps at our local parks & beaches, home trainings, was a lead Ropes Course instructor and currently is Director of Personal Training here at Scotts Valley Gym.

His focus is to help You create a better YOU!!

Ron Gernstein

Ron is a National Certified Personal Trainer with five years of experience. Ron also played Professional Baseball for 10 years with the Montreal Expos, Milwaukee Brewers as well as playing in Taiwan and Italy. Having competed 10 years professionally, Ron has had to overcome elbow, shoulder, back and neck injuries. As well as knee and hip replacement. "Having gone through all these injuries, I understand the hard work that goes into getting back to 100%. If it wasn't for the fantastic trainers I have had during my career with their support and encouragement, I would not have been able to play for 10 years. Now I get to give back from what I have gone through and have learned over the years. Work with my client from step one, until their goals have been reached