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You've Found Your Home Gym!

You've Found Your Home Gym!

Our House Is Always Open

Looking for a gym in Santa Cruz or the Valley to call home? Our doors are always open. At Scotts Valley Gym, we don’t just offer one style of training. We have it all. And all are welcome.

  • Instant digital key cards

  • Full service open gym floor

  • 24/7 access, 365 days a year

  • Memberships available on-line

Get motivated. Get inspired. Get fit—on your terms.

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Get Primal With Our Savage Mind App

Untamed workout programs for every level. Together we’ll determine the perfect program for you based on your experience level, goals, and budget. What can you expect? 

  • Choose from one of our Programs

  • Hand-tailored programs

  • Instructional videos

  • Trainer / Coach

  • Our House or YOURS

Lacking the resistance to normal  civilized workouts...

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"The last honest, family owned gym in Scotts Valley that truly offers something for everyone; men, women, and children. We offer several membership amenities including: 24 hour open gym floor, full service bathrooms, sports nutrition store, specialty training, outdoor fitness, and family fitness for all ages and levels"

Best Gym In The Valley

Our Programs

View our current deals and find the membership that matches both your fitness goals and budget. Whether you’re looking for a yearly, monthly, or short-term membership, we have options for everyone. At Scotts Valley Gym, take advantage of: -Full-service locker rooms with showers -Fully equipped indoor/outdoor gym -MMA punching bags, boxing equipment, & much more!

We can all use a little encouragement and guidance on our fitness journeys. Our enthusiastic and educated coaches are ready to make the path smooth with personalized training tailored to your goals. Enjoy the following benefits: -Fitness Assessment -Strength & Conditioning -Boxing / MMA

Looking for gym swag and accessories? We’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out our online store for tanks, hoodies, t-shirts, and more. And next time you’re at the gym, stop by the Pro Shop, where we are always happy to assist you: -Supplements & Drinks -Gym gear

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Savage Mind programs are the programs other trainers don't want you to see. Savage Mind was designed to give workout programs at a price that is affordable to EVERYONE! These programs are designed to be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

Many have seen a significant change in inflammation from adding supplements to their diet. Speak to one of our nutrition coaches about adding supplements to your diet.

Scotts Valley Gym, founded by world renowned body builder Dave Draper in 1989, has always been the home of many members who seek to build and maintain their physiques. Scotts Valley gym is one of the last honest gyms in the area.

Our In House Esthetician

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At Skin Fit, Karen rejuvenates and nourishes your beauty with the very best products and ingredients. Hydra-Facials Cortex Fusion and Image cosmetics. She combines them with taste and expertise to bring out and preserve your unique beauty.

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