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Daily Mayhem

This program is one month long and is designed to help you kickstart that cardio and get back on the grind if you’ve been skipping the gym or out of shape for a while. It involves lots of full-body functional strength movements in a HIIT - style format. It promises to whip you in shape in no time!


This program is 6 days a week, with one steady- state recovery cardio day on Day 4 of your week, and a total rest day on Day 7. The workouts are different every day, so consider this program your boredom buster!


Your program comes with demo videos of each exercise and detailed instructions. Remember! Form always comes first, so be sure to choose a weight you can lift with good form for the whole work out! For some of the harder bodyweight exercises, like pushups and pullups, there are modifications included in the exercise description that can help you build up the strength for the movement. 

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