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B.L.T (Butt, Legs, Thighs)

This 8-week strength training program is a program for intermediate to advanced lifters. This program targets your upper and lower body with an emphasis on lower-body exercises. This program is designed to help sculpt and build your lower and upper body.


The BLT program is programmed for 6 days a week, but it can be mortified to five; with three days lower and two days upper if needed.

Cardio is not included in this training program but can be added. I do recommend trying to achieve 710k steps per day to stay healthy and help improve your overall cardiovascular.


It is very important to remember correct form always comes before adding more weight.


if you're looking to Tone your body and give your body that extra push out of your comfort zone, this program is for you. This program includes and not limited to deadlifts, front squats, hip thrust, overhead presses, and bench presses.

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