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Savage Vacation

Going on Vacation and still want to work out. Here is a 2-week workout plan for you. There are two options a day. There is a gym workout if you have access to a gym, or a workout you can do in your vacation room or outside. Both will give you a great workout, they are not too long but enough to get those endorphins up and have you feeling good.


One day dedicated to only cardio but if you want you can add 20-30 minutes of low to medium intensity cardio to any of the workouts. 65%-75% Heart rate max.


It is important to always warm up before each workout and form is key in developing your muscles.

Your program comes with demo videos of each exercise and detailed instructions.


Once you have purchased your workout plan you will receive a welcome email from Scotts Valley Gym with instructions on how to download and set up your new  Savage Mind app.

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