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Sister Steel

This program is designed to build strength and focuses mainly on legs, back and shoulders but also includes a good amount of chest and arms. It is a detailed progressive program that helps you increase your strength over an 8-week time frame.


The 8-week program is designed to get to a certain peek and then start the program over again. Goal is to try and increase the weights you are using by 2% each week. It is extremely important to warm up before each workout and to not sacrifice form when increasing weights.

It is recommended to do the workouts, 2 days on, a recovery day, 2 days on, then 2 complete rest days, but if your schedule makes that hard you can train 4 days in a row, a recovery day, then 2 complete rest days.


Cardio is optional. To get the most benefit from this program, it is suggested to do very limited cardio. At the most 2 days a week 15-30 minutes- very low intensity. 60%-70% Heart Rate max.

Your program comes with demo videos of each exercise and detail instructions.

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