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Training your mind and body takes work. But the results can be endless! Come get a boost from the most helpful personal trainers in Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, and San Lorenzo. Learn new exercises, achieve correct form, get personalized workouts to reach your goals, and much more. Our trainers are friendly, knowledgeable, and here to guide you towards consistent progress. Train one-on-one or split the cost with a friend!


Community. For many, it’s the key to staying accountable, getting motivated and staying motivated in their fitness journey. Working together each week can be extremely rewarding. Not to mention affordable! We offer small group training of 4 to 6 people. We also offer clinics such as Boot Camp, Boxing, and Active Recovery. At Scotts Valley Gym, we believe in working hard, feeling good, and having fun. Let’s get stronger together! Days and time vary so please contact us to learn more.

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We don’t care if you're 7, 17, or 70 – all ages are welcome at Scotts Valley Gym. We believe you’re never too young or old to get started, and we hope to become your home away from home. We can work one-on-one or in small groups to help educate, inspire, and give you the confidence you need to go after your goals. We work with all ages in boxing, strength training, sports conditioning, and more. 



Light a fire under your feet with Savage Mind Programming. This no-nonsense program exists to take you up a notch..or maybe two or three. Break through fitness plateaus and make a true lifestyle change. How? Through our Savage Mind programming App. You get coaching, nutritional guidance, thorough health and fitness assessments, customized workout plans, and more. Sure it’s hard. It’s also intense. But it’ll get you where you want to go. Crush your goals with Savage Mind.

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