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Savage Mind programming is a tiered program to give you a range of options from hands-on training, nutrition coaching and fitness programming at any level. Together we determine which tier is best for you to start with depending on experience, goals and BUDGET!

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Training/ Programming

Nutrition Coaching

Our Program Includes

Consistent Mentoring

Free Fitness Assessment

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Savage Mind programs are the programs other trainers don't want you to see. Savage Mind was designed to give workout programs at a price that is affordable to EVERYONE! These programs are designed to be done anywhere, anytime by anyone.

Savage Mind was created to give you more for less. One-on-one training can be very beneficial but how many people can afford to work with a trainer every time they come into the gym? So what is it that people need? Proper form, a program designed for your own goals, and for some added motivation accountability. This is what Savage Mind will give you. You can do these programs with or without a coach/trainer. You can take advantage of our complimentary nutrition tips and rules to live by and you can do these programs at our house or yours. We have a dozen programs for you to choose from and will continue to add more to our library. You can also request a custom program built just for you. If you are local you can do this program with one of our in-house trainers or take advantage of one of our online coaches from anywhere. Our app allows you to see the outline of the program with video demonstrations on how to properly perform every exercise. You can ask questions and have as much or as little support as you need to break through those plateaus, or to go after those goals you've been putting off for too long... Savage Mind is like having a coach in your pocket.

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