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Our mission is to guide you to your health and fitness goal...whatever it takes.

We offer group classes or one-on-one training with a specialized trainer for inspiration, encouragement and energy.

Whether it’s a lifestyle change, better fitness or achieving your personal best with peak performances, Scotts Valley Gym is here for you. We motivate, educate and challenge you every step of the way until you reach your goal. Our workouts are fun and varied with the best techniques, the latest equipment and personal service. Achieving your goal is efficient and energizing with workouts customized just for you.


Mike Tyree
co-owner and CEO // NGA Certified Personal Trainer

Michael was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was his own personal struggles in his young adult life, and then mastery of them, that led him into the field of motivational and fitness coaching.

Michael graduated from and completed an addiction studies program at Bethany College. Among many other adventures, professionally and personally, Michael is a former lead ropes course instructor, and built and ran the health & wellness department at CRC Health Group in Scotts Valley. He started his private coaching practice in 2007. Through the years as a drug and alcohol addiction counselor and fitness trainer, he developed his own practice and unique style of one-to-one support as a Motivational Life Coach and Personal Trainer. That then morphed into being Co-owner with Ron Gerstien and Tyffanie Epps here at Scotts Valley Gym. He is now CEO of Scotts Valley Gym and still a Life Coach. He successfully raised a daughter as a single parent and is now raising a second child with his amazing wife Karen. His focus is to create a community of health and fitness and help You create a better YOU!!

Ellen McIntosh

NGA Certified Personal Trainer //
TRX Certified Trainer


Ellen’s love of fitness began when her dad signed her up for soccer at the age five. Through her school years she excelled at all sports including swimming, soccer and volleyball. Following her graduation at San Lorenzo Valley High school, Ellen joined the Army. It is in the military that she discovered the positive effects of nutrition, exercise and commitment. During her seven years in the Army she spent countless hours training in the gym, and received specialized guidance and support from her military mentors. Ellen’s passion for fitness has only grown stronger over the years as she could see how proper exercise and food choices can change someone’s life. Ellen has exceptional experience in strength training, endurance and circuit training. Ellen is now back home in the Santa Cruz Mountains seeking to educate the community about fitness and health.


Joey Kuhfield

Joey grew up in Santa Cruz where he started training martial arts at age 4, sparked by an early love for pro wrestling, and kung fu movies. At 13 he began studying mixed martial arts and Thai kickboxing. He has also coached basketball, and currently runs the kid’s martial arts program at IMS.

Joey studied sport performance, and nervous system training with the Marinovich brothers, where he’s had the opportunity to train many professional athletes. Joey is a certified integrated martial sciences instructor, and active MMA competitor.

He is passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals, and build your confidence with a fun boxing based workout!

Claire Zimmer

Claire grew up in Dublin, California. She started her fitness journey at a young age as a gymnast. When she was 14 years old, she took a weight training class in high school which launched her passion for strength training. After years of consistent training she went pro and competed in various bodybuilding competitions, where she would become known as “ Mighty Mouse” or “Baby Hulk.” She also became a personal trainer in her 20s and even started up her own personal training business.

Claire has now been personal training for over 30 years and loves it just as much. She believes the gym is where she fits, and she loves helping others reach their fitness goals.

Megan Sainsbury
Director of Personal Training // Trainer

Megan attended UC Berkeley and was an athlete on the college field hockey team. She loved the sport and became the assistant field hockey coach when she pursued her masters at Ball State University in Indiana. After graduating, she went back to UC Berkeley to coach her old team. She became really interested in the strength and conditioning it takes to be an athlete. She loved working one on one with the players and was fascinated in the way training skills translated to the field. She eventually got her personal training certificate, taught high school
PE, and eventually started training women’s boxing here at Scotts Valley Gym!


After taking some time to focus on her own personal training business in Los Gatos, Megan is back full time and ready to train clients. Besides being a trainer, she is a proud boxer, mountain biker, and a mom!

Mitchell Bourisk
 Trainer//NSCA Certified

Mitchell grew up on the East Coast in Maine. He came to the Santa Cruz area in 2011 when he started high school, which was where his weightlifting experience started. Mitchell played football at Santa Cruz High School for four years as an inside linebacker, where he was titled Defensive Player of The Year his senior season. He continued playing junior college football for two years at Cabrillo College, and afterwards decided to pursue other aspects of fitness such as natural bodybuilding and powerlifting.


A.A. Health Sciences at Cabrillo College

A.A. Communications at Cabrillo College

B.S. Kinesiology at San Francisco State University

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer


“I became a personal trainer so that I can save you from the costly mistakes I made. I trained with improper form for years, and ran into a lot of minor injuries and plateaus. Once I cleaned up my techniques and began taking care of my body properly, I got stronger, felt better, and looked better. I want to show you how to do the same so that you can become the most elite version of yourself!”


Mitchell has great informative content on his YouTube Channel “Mitchell Gainz”, as well as his Instagram page @Mitchell_Gainz


David Garcia

David was born and raised in the Watsonville area. David played college soccer for De Anza college he attended DA for 2 years before he transferred to Cabrillo to only continue his academics. He fell in love with working out when he started playing college sports he saw the amount of hard work that was needed in order to be where he wanted to be, he fell in love with the process of simply becoming a better individual. David is now about to finish Cabrillo and he hopes to attend CSUMB to continue studying kinesiology as he wants to pursue being a personal trainer. Fun fact David is currently in the process of getting his personal trainer certification through NASM!


Nick Dadgari

Marketing Coordinator // Front Desk Sales

Nick was born and raised in Contra Costa County. He made the move to Santa Cruz when he was 17 to pursue his Digital Media degree at UC Santa Cruz.


His mission at Scotts Valley Gym is to help others feel the sense of community the gym has to offer and create a warm welcome for new members of the gym. When he’s not at the gym, you can find him fishing by the coast, playing video games, or going on long walks by the sea!